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WebToolGuru isn't just about awesome online tools, it's about resources that can improve your day to day life, either personally or professionally.

Our mission is to help you understand and utilize the best webtools on the market so you can thrive online. We are here to connect you to essential, helpful, and transformative online resources, AND show you the ropes on how to use them.

The internet is an ocean of resources that can and has radically transformed individuals, families, teams, businesses, and the world. There are billions of people that use the internet daily, either to check social media, buy a product, play a game, research a topic or countless other things.

While many people use the internet, many have no idea how to utilize it's resources to help them thrive. If fact, if we're not careful, the internet can be harmful to our wellbeing! We created WebToolGuru to connect people, like you, to the best online resources so you can thrive personally and professionally.

The internet connects the world, we help people utilize it to thrive wherever they're at in life.

Marshall Curtis

Founder, CEO

Meet The Guru

Hi, I'm Marshall.πŸ‘‹

I don't really feel like a guru, or a master of webtools, how could I be? There are endless webtools out there! However, I have been utilizing web tools for years! Growing up I played computer games and messed around with the basic tools our fat desktop computer had, things were much simpler then. πŸ˜‚

Over the years I've utilized digital tools more and more, for educational projects, work tasks, or simply to play around with a random web tool I found. I didn't use the tools to make anything special, I was just doing something to pass the time.

Now, I utilize internet tools to enhance every area of my life and want to help others do the same, henceforth, WebToolGuru was born! 🧘

Me and the WebGuru team are looking forward to being a part of your online learning journey!

We hope you find value in our site and wish you well.✨


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